We have several ways that rent payments can be made.

To pay with Venmo or Cash App:
Get the Venmo or CashApp app on your device and create account
- Free to use if using your bank account or a debit card
- Preferred method of rent payment
- Fastest method to get rent to us
- Easy to use apps
For Venmo: click this link to add Delisa as a friend (username @Delisa-Lindstrom): https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2896823362519040554 
For Cash App: add Delisa with username $DelisaLindstrom

To pay with a checking or savings account use erentpayment
- You will need your account number and your bank routing number
- There is a $3 fee they will charge to use their service
- The first time you use the service, it will take several days to get it set up and connected to your checking or savings account
- Once payment is made it takes 4 business days to get to us *See note below

To pay with a credit or debit card use Plastiq
- You can use debit or credit cards
- There is a 2.5% service fee they will charge to use their service
- Use the link below to go directly to the Lindstrom Rentals payment page
- Once payment is made it takes 2 business days to get to us *See note below

Pay with Plastiq

Other Ways to Pay:

- Mail a check or Money Order to: Brad Lindstrom, 605 SW Cherry Lane, Pullman, WA 99163
- Bill Pay through your bank, sent to the address above
- NOTE: Because of banking rules - checks must be made out to Brad or Delisa Lindstrom, NOT Lindstrom Rentals

*PLEASE NOTE: Rent is due on the 1st of the month, with a grace period thru the 5th to allow time for the payments to arrive. Online payments can take 2-4 business days to arrive in our account. Mailed checks can take 2-3 (or more) days to arrive. Take this into account when you make your payment because we need to receive the payment by the 5th to avoid late fees being charged.